Based in Ankara, Turkey; Delfin is an aspiring pianist, composition student, thinker, and a speaker. Delfin has been studying piano since the age of 8 in the Bilkent Music Pre-College with teachers Elif Önal, Başar Can Kıvrak, Yoonie Han, and Barno Haknazarova. She attended many competitions and many masterclasses and gained prizes throughout her time in Pre-College (see awards & masterclasses). She began her composition studies at the age of 16 and continues studying with Yiğit Aydın. She also spent her time studying drama as a half-time student. Her photography and her film critic newsletter were locally recognized, and her photography was exhibited at Bilkent University. (see further activities) She participates in conceptual and interdisciplinary art exhibitions and has displayed works of conceptual art in her newly blooming career. She’s currently in her last year of high school. In early 2023, she was accepted to the Curtis Institute of Music and she will continue her undergraduate studies in composition at Curtis. 

2005 Ankara doğumlu Delfin Demiray, müzik eğitimine yedi yaşında Bilkent Müzik Hazırlık Okulu’na kabul alarak başladı. O günden bu yana Elif Önal, Başarcan Kıvrak, Yoonie Han ve Barno Haknazarova’nın öğrencisi oldu. Piyanistliğinin eğitim hayatında Stanislav Loudenitch, Jura Margulis, Gülsin Onay, Muhiddin Dürrüoğlu, Hyun Sook Tekin, Tian Ying ve Eduardus Halim gibi birçok önemli isimin masterclasslarına katıldı.
Uluslararası II. Memorijal “Sanja Pavlovic”, II. Gloria Artis, IMKA Classical Music and Dance yarışmalarında birinciliğe, AmicaFest Piyano Festivalinde “Audience Award”a, Uluslararası Bilkent Piyano Festivali’nde Ayşe Celasun’un sağladığı “Fine Arts Music” bursuna layık görüldü. Mozarthaus, Kore Kültür Merkezi, Erimtan Müzesi, ve Bilkent Konser Salonu gibi yerlerde konserler verdi. Liseye başladığında Barış Demirezer ile Armoni ve Form Bilgisi çalışan Delfin, Yiğit Aydın ile 16 yaşında kompozisyon çalışmalarına başladı. kompozisyon eğitimi süresince Jean Sibelius yarıimasında 2.lik elde etti ve Klaus Lang’ın masterclassına katıldı. Aynı zamanda kavramsal ve interdisipliner sanat çalışmalar sergilemiş, 321 Sanat Gazetesi’nin yayınlamış, ve Ankara Sanat Tiyatrosu’ndan drama eğitmi de almıştır. Profesyonel fotoğraf çekimi yapmakta ve interdisipliner işlerine de devam etmektedir. Lise son sınıfta olan Delfin, lisans eğitimi için burslu olarak Curtis Institute of Music’den kabul almış ve kompozisyon eğitimini orada sürdürecektir.

Whenever the act of questioning oneself or one ideology gets difficult for my depths of expression, I find myself leaning on an intuitive and emotionally-practiced version of my consciousness where I experiment with finding the unknown by leaning on my unconscious mystic values; and try presenting the insights that I am longing to express in routine events. But unfortunately, like most people, end up being inadvertently misunderstood. Whenever I create, it’s to understand my intentions by an instinctive justification, and whenever I live my daily rational life, instead of my creations being made under the purpose of adding something to the void of an a priori, ‘rationality’ always serves as a temporary definition to my connection to the utopian perception of creation. Even though the awareness of reaching a finite solution is a delusion, I sincerely think that synthetically concluding instinctive claims via art and expression will make us brighter. Change is everywhere, but adapting to changeability with profoundness and confidence whilst defending an opinion, or a creation is what I want to do as an artist.

Perhaps knowingly putting this manifesto on my website which will change at a time when my conscious mind decides that this concept has expanded or is not novel enough, is a considerable example of my aching and sympathy for the unreliability of synthetic expressions.