Born in 2005, Major Piano and Minor Composition Student in Bilkent University Faculty of Performing Arts, Music Preparatory High School.

Self Portrait, 2021

Based in Ankara, Turkey. At the age of 8, she was admitted to Bilkent Uni. Music Preparatory School and she started her studies on piano with Elif Önal. After that, she was a student of Başar Can Kıvrak and Yoonie Han. Having attended several competitions, some of her degrees include; Incentive Award/ Pera International Piano Competition (İstanbul/Turkey-2016), Audience Award/ AmiCaFest International Piano Festival (Sicily/Italy-2017), Full Scholarship Award/Bilkent International Piano Festival (Ankara/Turkey-2018). She’s taken masterclasses from Stanislav Loudenitch, Gülsin Onay, Enrico Elisi, Tian Ying, Sofia Gulyak, Özgür Aydın, Jahye Kim, Jura Margulis, Eduardus Halim, and many more colorful people. She has also participated in international piano festivals, school concerts, and Bilkent University Library Concert Series. She performed in places such as MozartHaus (Young Talents Concert Series), Korean Culture Center, Emirtan Archeology and Art Museum, Bilkent Concert Hall, Chiesa Madre Church in Grammichele, and more. During her education, she also studied drama at Bilkent Children's Theater, Ankara Art Theatre (AST), and Theatre 367 in Ankara/Turkey. She also achieved certificates and was an actor in many plays. She continues her piano studies with Barno Haknazarova and music theory/composition education with Yigit Aydin at Bilkent Uni. Music Preparatory High School in 12th grade.

Who Am I?

I’m interested in the field of pursuing a collective mindset in art. I express myself through subjects such as music, composition, visual/performing arts, and philosophy, and think of them as a part of a large spectrum. I’m a person who would create expression throughout art with reliable complexity; by creating an analytic, philosophical and cultural system for the artwork/composition with certain references, or creating & presenting it with the artwork itself. Therefore, with a dada sense; whatever I pursue to present as an artist, would be art. This mindset includes combinations of classicism and conceptualism in a collective manner as well. My inspirations are a range of western classical pieces and Actionist Happenings. I take a special interest in reflecting certain senses to others with any kind of interpretation. My favorite film directors are Sergei Parajanov, Maya Deren, Stanley Kubrick & Andrzej Zulawski. I also like writing about films, taking pictures, creating installations/video art, and pursuing a collective mentality. My musical interests lie in a very spectral place, I am open to analyzing and therefore composing all kinds of sound expression, including the chronological timeline of Perotin to Bach, Schumann to Schoenberg, etc. As long as it is verified by a reason; the reason of intention, reason of research, or even reason for being ‘unreasonable.’


Heartbeat Waltz — 01.03.2022


Günahkâr kalbini yolmaya kozmik bir sebep arıyormuşçasına,

çürümüş etlerini süslü melodilerle kenar köşelere itiyormuşçasına,


Ağıtını söylüyor her hücren aksi Dünya’ya.

Ben yaşıyorum.

Ben yaşıyorum gizlence diyarlarda ve bil ki bunu bildikçe,

Sen daha da ölüyorsun.

English Version

As if you were looking for a cosmic reason to rip your own sinful heart,

As if you were hiding your decayed and rotten meat of yours to the unspoken with fancy melodies,

Death is near.

Every particle of yours is singing a lament to the ugly world.

I still live.

I still live in a land of hiding and as you get aware,

Your death is nearer.